We believe that My Inner Knowing is a "Journey to Self".  This journey is unique to every individual.  It encompasses  experiences of personal growth, self-discovery, and self-awareness. We are embarking on a profound expedition inward, modeling the exploration of one's thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and desires. This journey is often about understanding oneself more deeply, embracing both strengths and vulnerabilities, and ultimately striving for self-improvement and a sense of wholeness.

We believe that finding one’s Inner Knowing is a key component in the transformational process and ongoing exploration of life. We believe that personal development is a continuous and evolving experience that encapsulates the quest for authenticity, meaning, and connection with oneself.

Meet Theresa & Walker

Theresa started her self-growth journey as a young mother when she went on her first contemplative retreat. 25 years later her curiosity never ceases, and she continues to explore who she is and why she does what she does. While her "story" did not include being a mental health professional, choosing to follow her knowing, led her down the path to a profession she truly enjoys.

Walker was lost in his career as a lawyer for 25 years–forgetting who he was and believing that “success” was only found in results. It took a personal health crisis to reignite his natural curiosity, love of nature and desire to continue learning new, more compassionate ways to walk in the world every day.

Together they want to share their experiences along the way, discover how others have walked this path and provide support and inspiration to all who are interested as they continue their own journeys.